Got a business Idea But ..

Got a business Idea But ..

p>You were sitting silently and enjoying daily chore with your friends or thinking about the new experience happened last night. Suddenly, a thought rushed to your mind. You can’t sleep and you can’t awake. My dear friend, you are infected with business ideas. This business idea can infect you anytime and anyplace. It could be at most noisy place, it could be in most silent place, when you are with friends or you are alone. All it does is change your life ……… 90% negatively. But, as we know having business ideas cannot guarantee success. You have fight with tooth and nail for that.

But we are not discussing about tooth and nail. Nobody gives a damn, only reason they are asking is because it satisfy them seeing somebody too in plain.

What not to do after business ideas


  • Take it lightly and sit on idea

    If you are kind of person who believes in higher person, treat ideas as command or suggestion from higher being. These things have quite peculiarity in contacting people.

  • Take it seriously

    You start calculating how important this problem is or how can it be solved. What are different revenue model. Who all can be partnered? start spending money on building website/mobile app. For those it happened, it was a lengthy days and nothing important came out of it.

So what to do now?

You can start doing any of the scenarios explained above. But if you are a beginner, for 90% of the time, you will end up at same place i.e. nowhere. To come from no-where to now-here, you need actually two things:

  1. Plan and Move ahead
  2. Move Ahead

Success doesn’t lie in extremes but in the middle

Plan and Move ahead

Considering the fact that you a first timer and have no relation with person from the same industry who can guide you, this is not an option. So let’s just move ahead.

Move ahead

For moving ahead, you need a robust and efficient test lab. It should be such that it would give you necessary tool and techniques. The main aim of a testing lab is to sort out what is actual demand on the market and what is actually needed in the market. Always remember, your first product is never your last product. Even with some company, their first product is no trace of what it is now. So what to do now Luckily for us we are living in one of the greatest period of internet. Online business ideas checking is far more efficient and cost effective

But we have moved a step further from online business ideas

Starting online business with Kintry

Although online business ideas checking is far more efficient and cost effective. At the initial stage, you need to check what demand actual is. So, what you need a platform where you can vouch for your service or idea and people in your local will respond accordingly. Experience is same as in retro movies where hero stands on a high place and expresses his love for the heroin. Now as you have posted your service in your locality, similarly, people in your locality will provide their view or even ask for your service. So in short, you don’t have to move out your place to check if your idea will work or not.

Building online business with Kintry

Now you have started your business and now you are slowly catching up. Business volume is so high that you have virtually stopped tracking time. What you need is a break but not from business instead from your way.

Business volume to so high that you have virtually stopped tracking time. What you need is a break but not from business instead from your way.

Now you need a few tools which could help you manage your business. You need tool for managing client, employee, inventory and most important finance.

A man is the one who instead choosing extremity, learn to balance


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