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I used to sell vegetable running into every street. Then when I got Kintry, I asked my customer to subscribe to my store and check vegetables rates daily. Now, I run my vegetable business from home and get orders from my customer online.

Turn your business Hi-Tech with Artificial Intelligence. Do you know ?

  • How to run business online ?
  • How to retain customers ?
  • Which customer to incentivise with cash offer and which with credit offer ?
  • How to increase profit with same investment ?
  • How to save time to think big?
  • How to use account efficiently? How managing account could end up with larger cash ?
  • What to do make better impression to customer ?
  • How to monitor employee? How to increase productivity?

If your answer is no, try Kintry and know it yourself.

Meet Our Teams

Pooja Mishra
Piyush Mishra
Founder and CEO
Prabhat Mishra

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