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Indirect Sales

  • We do indirect sales if region is alloted with a partner
  • If there is a partner in a region where we see a business lead, we forward it to the partners.Start getting more lead

Sales Support

  • Our team will support you in each stage of the sales cycle. From initial business negotiations and pricing to complete technical support.

Joint Marketing

  • Partner oriented marketing
  • Support in regional activities because combine activities brings best result

Industry Best Margins:

  • Get much higher margins compared to industry averages
  • The more oppurtunities you convert to real business, the better condition you get

Thorough Training

  • Elaborated training in everything related to successful implementation and live operations of Kintry-both technical and commercial

Incentive Program

  • We help you motivate your team through seasonal incentive programs.
  • We strive to keep your team fully dedicated to exploring and selling the Kintry solutions

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