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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely yes, charges incurred from you includes updation charge. Kintry work constantly on product to make it more relevant and value addition for you with respect to our motto. We will keep on adding new feature but still making our Kintry will work on solving the business difficulty you face.
Kintry business is is like userid for your business. People can search your business in Kintry through Kintry business Id. You can ask people to fill form from your business page in Kintry by inviting them through your Kintry business Id. If you are a distributor, you can also ask your retailer/shop to put your Kintry Business Id in Distributor’s section , so that you will recieve auto-refill-message
Yes, there is discount available for education institute and NGO. However, if it is found that institute/NGO is not forwarding discounts to end user, discount can be revoked unconditionally. Features available can be checked out at here.
We have always made out product keeping in mind about how to make it elastic and usable for all out users. You can put your own forms, take your own sheet and do everything that you want.
Refund will be made if it is found appropriate and you are able to justify it. For more visit Refund & Cancellation Policy
If you have admin right in the business registered in Kintry, you can export/import data in excel format. In android and IOS, your imported data is in Downloads under Kintry Folder
No, Kintry doesn’t save your data. Your data are saved only in device and can be access from device only. Kintry takes no guarantee to your personal business data. For further storage, you can save data in your own Google Drive